Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz Answers 17 February 2023 Get Free Jio 4G data, 1-month recharge

Jio ALL Quiz Answers Today Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz Answers Today 17 February 2023. Is Reliance Jio still playing this quiz?

Jio Quiz Answers Today In this quiz offer post, I will tell you about a Jio quiz answer. After downloading the Jio app, you will get various benefits.

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Jio ALL Quiz Answers Today

The quiz cover desserts that are smoothly organized in partnership with Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo, and Tang companies. Winners could win Free Jio free or One Month of Free Data.

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MyJio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz Game Contest Details

ALL Jio Quiz Answers Today: CLICK HERE

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers 17 February 2023

Jio Quiz Answers Today:

1. Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers (13th February)

Q1) What is 10-3?

Ans: 7

2. Jio Spin2Win Answers (13th February)

Q1) What is 7+1?

Ans: 8

3. Jio Funzone Answers (13th February)   

Q1) Which city is known as Venice of the East?

Ans: Alleppey, Kerala

Q2) Which is the largest state in India?

Ans: Rajasthan

Q3) Which is the most cultivated crop in India?

Ans: Rice

Q4) Which of the following state of India touches maximum state boundaries?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

Q5) Which of the following desert in located in India?

Ans: Thar

Q6) Which is the only state in India that produces saffron?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

Q7) Marina Beach, the longest beach in India is located in which city?

Ans: Chennai

Q8) Name this white sand desert which is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world?

Ans: Great Rann of Kutch

Q9) Which region in India do you like the most?

Ans: Hill Stations

Q10) Which of the following union territories of India has the highest density of population?

Ans: Delhi

Q11) In which state of India is the statue of Unity located?

Ans: Gujarat

Q12) Which part of India do you like the most?

Ans: South

4. Jio Engage Quickies Answer (13th February) 

Q1) What type of chocolate box do you prefer?

Ans: A

5. Jio Asian Paint Quiz Answer (13th February)


Q1) Which of the below paints comes in budget for interior?

Ans: Tractor Sparc

Q2) Which of these is a benefit of Tractor Sparc?

Ans: Smooth Finish

Q3) How many colors are there in Tractor Sparc?

Ans: 850+

Q4) Which paint had been used inside by M Sharma?

Ans: Asian Paint Tractor Sparc


Q1) Find the following words:


jio quiz

6. Jio Desserts Corner Quiz Answers (13th February)

Q1) What is the star ingredient in the above recipe?

Ans: Hot chocolate powder

Q2) How many cups of Cadbury Dairy Milk goes in making this recipe?

Ans: 1/2 cup

Q3) Name the above creation?

Ans: Hot chocolate bomb

Q4) Total How much time does it take to prepare the above recipe?

Ans: Up to 30 minutes

7. Jio Asian Paint Quiz Answers (13th February)

1. Prashanotri

Q1) Chintu ke papa ko kisne Jaydad di?

Ans: Tauji

Q2)  Chintu ke papa ne konsa pant istemaal kiya hai?

Ans: Shine wala pant

Q3) Chintu ke ghar ka color kya hai?

Ans: Neela

2. Lagat ka Anuman

Q1) Ek 2BHK ko sheen finish se pant krne ke liye kitna kharcha hoga

Ans: Rs 300-3500

3. Deewar ko rango

Q1) Ace shiny chunne ke liye 1200+ shining shades paradan krta hai?

Ans: Carribean green

4. Paheli

Q1) Chavi prakat krne ke liye box par click kre?

Ans: Part1 b, Part1 a, Part1 b, Part1 b

8. Jio Indian Super League Answer (13th February)

Q1) The sentence that best describes you as a player?

Ans: I can score when I want, as many times as I want.

Q2) When you are facing a tough opponent, your first instinct on the pitch is to?

Ans: Apply pressure on your opposition players from the first whistle.

Q3) Your team is winning by two goals and the coach subs you in at the 80th minute, what do you do?

Ans: Try get on to the score-sheet and extend the lead.

Q4) The opponent dribbles past you easily?

Ans: Score and make an actual difference.

Q5) Your team is attacking, it’s 3v3 what do you do?

Ans: Try to run past the defensive line and score.

9. Jio TVS Sport Quiz Answers (13th February)

Q1) TVS Sport Deta Hai __ more Mileage?

Ans: 15%

Q2) TVS Sport Kis technology Ko use karat Hai?

Ans: ETFi

Q3) TVS Sport ka Tagline Kya Hai?

Ans: Mileage La Baap

Q4) Sport Ke Fuel tank par Konsa Logo Hai?

Ans: TVS Premium 3D Logo

Q5) TVS Sport ka Nam __ Aur Asia Book of records Mein Darj Hai?

Ans: India Book of Records

Note: Use this TVS Sports Pin code: 302001 (If Required)

10. Jio Ultratech Cement Quiz Answers (13th February)


Q1) Galat ventilation se ghar me fungus bhad sakta hai?

Ans: True

Q2) Bhukamprodhak construction mein darwaazein aur khidkiyaan corner mein honi chaiye?

Ans: False

Q3) Ghar ka Plan Kise Banana Chaiye?

Ans: Architect 

Q4) Kya hai NOC ka full form?

Ans: No objection certificate

Q5) Anti-termite treatment kab karte hai?

Ans: Neev Bichane Se Phele

Q6) Peene ke paani aur sewage ke pipes aas paas hone chaiye?

Ans: False

Choosing Land:

Q1) Plat Bhookamp prabhavit chetra main hona chaiye?

Ans: Flase

Q2) Ye document ghar ka ownership ke barien batata hain?

Ans: Title Deed

Q3) Title deed mein kiska naam hota hai?

Ans: Plot Bechne Wale


Q1) E.M.I ka full form hai Equated Monthly Installment

Ans: True

Q2) Painting aur electrical kam ka budget apke gahr ke main budget main included hona chaiye?

Ans: True

Selecting Team:

Q1) Gar banane ka Contract kiske beech hota hai?

Ans: Home Owner Aur Contractor

Selecting Material:

Q1) Gudvatta ke hisab se do acchi einton ke takrav par kaisa awaaz aati hai?

Ans: Metalic Aawaz

Q2) Manufactured sand ecofriendly hota hai?

Ans: True

Q3) Steel rod par kaunsa mark check karna chahiye?

Ans: ISI Mark

Q4) Construction mein kaunsa paani istemaal hota hai?

Ans: Drinkable Water

Q5) PPC cement ye ek blended cement hai?

Ans: True

Q6) Tiles Lagane ke liye kya behtar hai?

Ans: Tile Adhesive

Q7) Gar banate waqt reti main impurities hone chahihye?

Ans: False

Supervising Work:

Q1) Damproofing kis par ki jati hai?

Ans: Foundation Pe

Q2) Flooring mortar ke upar ki jaati hai?

Ans: True

Q3) Concrete ko drum mixer mein kitni der mix karein?

Ans: 2 Min

Q4) Tiles set hone ke kitne time baad tile grout istemaal karne chahiye?

Ans: 24 hours

Q5) Bijli ke khatre se bachne ke liye kya behtar hai?

Ans: Fuse

Q6) Agar cement kam matra mein istemaal karna ho, to kya chunein?

Ans: Manual Mixing

Q7) Shuttering se concrete ko Aakar milta hai?

Ans: True

Q8) Backfilling mein kitne motai ki parat honi chahiye?

Ans: 10 Inch

Q9) Concrete bante hi use kitne time mein istemaal karna chaiye?

Ans: 30 Min

Q10) Plastering ke baad curing karna chahiye?

Ans: True

Q11) Conctete mix ko sahi tarike se transport karna chahiye taki mixture bigade nahin?

Ans: True

Q12) Wetcovering kaunse structure par karte hain?

Ans: Slab

Q13) Construction site par live wires khule na chhodein?

Ans: True

Q14) Compacting se concrete ke andar ke air bubbles nikal jaate hain?

Ans: True

Q15) Barish mein cement ko kiske madad se dhakate hain?

Ans: Tarpauline

Q16) Ghar Mein seelan sirf chhat se Ghus Sakti hai?

Ans: Flase

Moving In:

Q1) POP stands for?

Ans: Plaster of Paris

Q2) Rainwater harvesting se Kiska star Badhta hai?

Ans: Ground Water

Q3) Painting is primarily used for what purpose in home building?

Ans: Beautification

11. Jio Phone Geo Quiz Answers List (13th February)

Jio Phone Geo Quiz Answers (Level 1 -10):

Level 1

Ans: Egypt

Level 2

Ans: USA

Level 3

Ans: UAE

Level 4

Ans: Italy

Level 5

Ans: Germany

Level 6

Ans: France

Level 7

Ans: Australia

Level 8

Ans: Tanzania

Level 9

Ans: Russia

Level 10

Ans: Cuba

Jio Geo Quiz Answers (Level 11 – 20):

Level 11

Ans: USA

Level 12


Level 13


Level 14

Ans: India

Level 15

Ans: Japan

Level 16

Ans: China

Level 17

Ans: Poland

Level 18

Ans: Jordan

Level 19

Ans: Italy

Level 20

Ans: Chile

Jio Geo Quiz Answers (Level 21 – 30):

Level 21

Ans: Bolivia

Level 22

Ans: Brazil

Level 23

Ans: Argentina

Level 24

Ans: Australia

Level 25

Ans: Peru

Level 26

Ans: Canada

Level 27

Ans: UAE

Level 28

Ans: Cameroon

Level 29

Ans: Israel

Level 30

Ans: Turkey

Jio Geo Quiz Answers (Level 31 – 40):

Level 31

Ans: Iran

Level 32

Ans: Spain

Level 33

Ans: Cyprus

Level 34

Ans: Belgium

Level 35

Ans: Croatia

Level 36

Ans: Greece

Level 37

Ans: Brazil

Level 38

Ans: Malaysia

Level 39

Ans: Ghana

Level 40

Ans: Turkey

Jio Geo Quiz Answers (Level 41 – 50):

Level 41

Ans: Albania

Level 42

Ans: Mexico

Level 43

Ans: Suriname

Level 44

Ans: Myanmar

Level 45

Ans: China

Level 46

Ans: Poland

Level 47

Ans: Ukraine

Level 48

Ans: France

Level 49

Ans: Hungary

Level 50

Ans: Honduras

Jio Phone Geo Quiz Answers (Level 51 – 60):

Level 51

Ans: Germany

Level 52

Ans: Egypt

Level 53

Ans: France

Level 54

Ans: Mexico

Level 55

Ans: Bhutan

Level 56

Ans: Singapore

Level 57

Ans: Algeria

Level 58

Ans: Denmark

Level 59

Ans: Vatican

Level 60

Ans: Thailand

Jio Phone Geo Quiz Answers (Level 61 – 70):

Level 61

Ans: Russia

Level 62

Ans: China

Level 63

Ans: Switzerland

Level 64

Ans: Japan

Level 65

Ans: Russia

Level 66

Ans: Senegal

Level 67

Ans: Kyrgyzstan

Level 68

Ans: India

Level 69

Ans: Egypt

Level 70

Ans: Austria

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (13 October 2021)

Q1: Select the Base ingredient.

Answer 1: Flour

Q2: Which of the following is true?

Answer 2: Contains Egg

Q3: Select the Star ingredient

Answer 3: Cadbury Choco Melts

Q4: Select the total time taken for preparing the dessert.

Answer 4: > 180 minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (12 October 2021)

Question 1: Select the Base ingredient.

Answer: Flour

Question 2: Which of the following is true?

Answer: Contains No Egg

Question 3: Select the Star ingredient.

Answer: Cadbury Cocoa Powder

Question 4: Select the Total time taken for preparing the desert.

Answer: 30-60 minutes

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Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (11October 2021)

  1. Answer : Milk
  2. Answer : Contains Vanilla Icecream
  3. Answer : Oreo Milk Shake
  4. Answer : Upto 10 Minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (10 October 2021)

  1. Answer : Milk
  2. Answer : Contains Sugar
  3. Answer : Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder
  4. Answer : 5-20 Minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (9 October 2021)

  1. Answer : Milk
  2. Answer : Contains Banana
  3. Answer : Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder
  4. Answer : 5-20 Minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (8October 2021)

  1. Answer : Milk
  2. Answer : Contains Milkshake Powder
  3. Answer : Oreo Milkshake Mix
  4. Answer : 5-20 Minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (7 October 2021)

  1. Answer : Desiccated Coconut
  2. Answer : Contains Cadbury Gems
  3. Answer : Cadbury Dairy Milk
  4. Answer : Upto 30 Minutes

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz answers (6 October 2021)

  1. Answer : Bread Crumbs
  2. Answer : Contains No Egg
  3. Answer : Cadbury Cocoa Powder
  4. Answer : 30-60 minutes

How do I find Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz?

The Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz joins other branded competitions in the Engage section of the MyGio app. To find this contest, you need to open your MyJio app and go to the Jio Engage section. Here, you need to scroll through the competition to find the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz or click on the Win Daily Geo Data banner under the prize for you!

Jio Desserts Corner Picture Quiz: terms and conditions

  • You must be a Reliance Jio user to participate in this contest.
  • You must have Reliance Geo SIM installed on your smartphone to enter Lucky Draw.
  • Eligible participants will have the opportunity to win any of the prizes mentioned above.
  • This offer is available to all citizens of India with valid PAN number and government approved photo ID proof.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older to qualify.
  • Winners can check if they have won by going to the “My Winnings” tab in the MyJio app.
  • This competition is subject to all applicable central, state and local laws and regulations in India.
  • Prizes are non-transferable, unallocated, non-transferable and will not be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.

Answer and win free Jio 4G Jio desserts corner picture quiz

The Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz is one of those quiz competitions designed with collaboration in mind. In the case of the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz, we see a collaboration between Reliance Geo, Tang, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and Orio. With the festive season approaching, these brands have joined hands to run a quiz related to sweets.

The main idea of ​​this quiz is that Reliance Geo will show you a bunch of recipes in its Geo Engage section. Now there will be a picture quiz based on these recipes where you have to answer a question related to the picture shown. It is important to remember that the questions and answers shared above may be asked in a different order but they will remain the same.

Although it’s not immediately clear, the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz seems to be a daily competition and there will be new questions every day. Winners will have the opportunity to win multiple prizes which we have detailed below. These contests and activities are primarily designed to inspire people to use the MyGeo app.

Jio Dessert Corner Picture Quiz Prizes

  1. On participation: 100MB (7,20,000 winners)
  2. On completing the quiz and submitting all answers correctly: 100MB (2,27,000 winners)
  3. Phase 3 winner: Reliance Retail vouchers worth Rs 5,000 (20 winners)