Top 6 Movies Based on Board Games

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Top 6 Movies Based on Board Games In this modern-day, people are enthused and moved by the kind of movies they see and it becomes really impressionable in their daily lives. Movies made around the aspect of daily games have a special contribution in this section and make for terrific entertainment by relating known themes with common or fantasy storytelling to create an enigmatic experience.

Every board game form has moved into the digital realm in the modern post-pandemic world. Statistically recorded, the top game to be played worldwide during 2020 was Ludo. To experience the best features of this classic game, you must visit, and download it right away from MPL’s official website which has made a really great version.

In the list below are some movies based on some board games you might know about and some you do not but demand a certain watch from you.

Top 6 Movies Based on Board Games


Very much like the name, the movie is based on the board game Clue, which was created in 1947. This game became popular during the post-war scenario and landed up being adapted into a very gothic-style movie. There are several characters in the film, namely Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, and Colonel Mustard. The movie is in the form of a dinner party that Mr. Boddy has organized. He takes turns blackmailing the visitors, and the players are forced to take part accordingly. The main story unfolds when Mr. Boddy is found to be murdered, and the guests have to figure out who the real killer is through a dramatic turn of events. 


This game is a classic and has been made immensely popular through the movie in the past decade. Two kids who are siblings are drawn into a magical world of adventure by rolling the dice in this ancient game of choices. Peter, played by Bradley Pierce, and Judy Shepherd, played by Kirsten Dunst, have done stellar acting to give this movie the right propulsion to make it a blockbuster hit. When the kids arrive at a mansion and discover the game of Jumanji, they cannot help but try a hand at it in the absence of a  supervisor. The younger brother gets trapped in the supernatural world of Jumanji and is then pulled back into the real world after the game is reopened years later. The concept of time in the movie is explored with supernatural creatures and a great heartwarming storyline. It is a must-watch for any moviegoer and is a great weekend movie for the entire family. 

Dungeons and Dragons

This fantasy feature film revolves around the popular Dungeons and Dragons board game, which is greatly celebrated among today’s young people due to the intricate strategy involved in playing. The film has received a few negative reviews because of the poor special effects that charted itself throughout the screen. However, the storyline has rigidity and has amassed a cult following recently. The story takes place in the Kingdom of Izmer, where wizards conduct magic to rule over the land. One faction decides to use the magic for good, and the other tries to bend it for evil. The movie cast has Jeremy Irons, a brilliant actor who pulls most of the script with this stellar acting. The film has an old-world medieval charm that makes it a must-watch for every fan of the fantasy genre. 


The board of Ouija, as we all have heard, is a paranormal board game that is used to call upon spirits of the dead people to extract any knowledge from them or engage in a sort of casual conversation. Blumhouse Productions has made this horror movie that shows what goes down when you engage in such a practice behind closed doors. 

In this movie, a group of friends assembles to call forth the spirit of their dead friend so they can have a conversation. Eventually, the board unlocks a gateway for other dark beings to travel into their realm. Though it very closely relates to a cliched horror movie Ouija is something you can watch just for the jumpscares that catch you off guard and a treat to be enjoyed with close pals.

The Surrounding Game

This is a light-hearted documentary on a board game where you see how players from the land of America hustle to become the best player in a game to reach the very top and become the best. The film is based on a game called Go, which is a strategy game played between two players. First originating in China and spreading worldwide, the maximum number of Go players are from East Asian countries. The film has a cameo from Go Seigen, the greatest Go player of the century, and showcases other talents and prodigies from different parts of the world. If you know about Go or not, you should watch this movie as it is incredibly passionate and will motivate you in real life. 


The movie turned the board game upside down with incredible visuals that took a normal strategy game of fighter aircraft and made it into a visceral cinema experience. The movie is a military adaptation of the classic board game, and Peter Berg has rightly put every effort into creating a complete experience. The story unfolds when a ship crew is forced to face naval fleets from a different planet. The major actor to star in the movie is Liam Neeson, and he delivers a scintillating performance alongside Rihanna, who surprisingly debuts as an actor here. Future battleship board games collaborated with the movie, incorporating new merchandise related to the characters. In addition, they released collectibles that could be bought only as limited editions making the franchise a tad bit more successful than its earlier board game.

In Conclusion

When you see your favorite board game inducted into a movie, it is a very satisfying and crazy experience, to be very honest. When the game you play with friends can be experienced in a movie, it deepens the memory and grants it a special place in your heart. These movies stand as some of the best movies that celebrate board games that you must go through this weekend if you have not yet already.

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