Who of these Indian cricket players is popularly known as “Veeru”?

Virender Sehwag is the world’s only batsman to record two triple centuries and take five wickets in an innings. He also holds the record of scoring the fastest 300 in ODI (on 250 balls), most accurate 250 ( on 207 balls), and fastest century of any ODI ( on 60 balls). Naja. Aamir Khan is a favorite alongside Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn.

Google Pay Festive Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Mumbai
  • Answer 2: Virendra Sehwag
  • Answer 3: 5 Days
  • Answer 4: Runs that are not scored off the bat
  • Answer 5: One Day International

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Google Pay Festive Questions And Answers (12 November 2021 ): get Rs 1000 off on Flipkart TV shopping and more

Google Pay Fan Wall Quiz Answers
Google Pay Fan Wall Quiz Answers

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Q1. Wankhede stadium is situated in which of the following Indian cities?

A. Goa

B. Church street

C. Mumbai

D. New york

Answer: Mumbai

Q2. Who of these Indian cricket players is popularly known as “Veeru”?

A. Ricky Ponting

B. Virendra Sehwag

C. None of these

D. Chris Gayle

Answer : Virendra Sehwag

Q3. For how many days is a Test match scheduled?

A. 30 days

B. All of these

C. 5 days

D. 2 hours

Answer: 5 Days

Q4. What are extras in cricket?

A. Number of laddoos in a box

B. Runs that are not scored off the bat

C. Part of a film crew

D. None of these

Answer: Runs that are not scored off the bat

Q5. What does ODI stand for in cricket?

A. All of these

B. One Day International

C. Internet connection

D. Post office

Answer: One Day International

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Google Pay Festive Quiz Details

Quiz Title:Google Pay Festive Quiz
Organized App:Google Pay
Timing:Daily Morning 12:00 AM to Mid-Night 11:59 PM.
Quiz Starting Date:2nd November 2021, 12:00 PM.
Quiz Ending Date:14th November 2021, 11:59 PM.
Prizes:Flipkart surprises, gold & more!
Result Date:16th November 2021, 2:oo PM

How to Play Quiz in Google Pay

1) First, download the Google Pay app on your smartphone from the Android store, and IOS users can also download its app.

2) After that, signup with a valid phone number > now, you will receive a login code.

3) Now, tap to enter the code and login instantly; otherwise code will be expired.

4) Next, you will be redirected to the Google Pay app dashboard > now, click on the quiz banner from the given page.

5) After that, tap on the given quiz button to start a quiz.

6) Within a few seconds, your quiz will start, and you have to give all five answers correctly.

7) After giving all quiz answers, then press the submit button and grab a scratch card.

8) Now, rub the scratch card and redeem your rewards.

How to find the Google Pay Festive Quiz?

The Google Pay Festive Quiz is available to play on the Google Pay app. You will be able to find this quiz by opening the Google Pay app on your phone and then scrolling down to the Promotions section. Now, click on the Offers section and you will find the Google Pay Festive Quiz. Click on the tab that reads “Take the festive quiz daily & get exciting rewards every day” to participate in this quiz.

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Google Pay Festive Quiz: prizes to win

Cashback: A cashback worth Rs 2 to Rs 20.
Google Pay voucher: A Google Pay voucher worth Rs 2 to Rs 20 that rewards users cashback when they complete an eligible payment on Google Pay.
Discount voucher: A discount voucher that rewards users with at least 3 percent off on third-party goods and services.

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Google Pay Festive Quiz: terms and conditions

  • You must have a Google Pay account to become eligible for this offer.
  • The transactions must be from unique Google Pay users and at least Rs 20 each to qualify.
  • Multiple transactions from a single Google Pay user will be considered as one qualifying transaction.
  • The ticket you earn will reveal a flat cashback reward or a “Better luck next time” message.
  • You can start collecting daily stamps by receiving payments.
  • Your cashback will expire after 45 days if you do not have an account linked.
  • You can earn up to a total of Rs 9,000 per financial year across all Google Pay offers.
  • Google Pay reserves the right to withdraw and or alter any terms and conditions of this offer or contest at any time without prior notice.
  • Employees, interns, contractors, and officeholders of Google LLC, their immediate family members, Google’s affiliates and subsidiaries, or other persons professionally connected with the offer, are not eligible to participate.
  • This offer is not available in the state of Tamil Nadu, as per the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979.
  • Google is not responsible for any goods or services that you purchase or receive from merchants, or for the contents of the merchant’s website.

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