Which of these companies is leading in the electricity Industry in india?

Which of these companies is leading in the electricity industry in India? Correct Answer: (C) NTPC Ltd.

The first electric streetlight in Asia was illuminated on 5 August 1915 in Bangalore. In spite of the seeming start the electrification of India has appeared as an ongoing struggle for nearly two centuries. India has made significant steps in introducing more green alternatives over the past 10 years. This week we look at the prospects for the energy and power industry across the country. Tables of Content.

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Question 1. As per the World energy stastics published by the IEA in 2019, at which position does India stand in terms of electricity production?

Correct Answer: (A) 3th

Question 2. Which of these companies is leading in the electricity Industry in india?

Correct Answer: (C) NTPC Ltd

Question 3. In May 2019, which rank did India’s power industry hold in the Asia Pacific region?

Correct Answer: (D) 4th

Question 4. What percent of the FDI inflow does the power sector account for from 2000 to 2021?

Correct Answer: (C) 3%

Question 5. In September 2021, __ announced to invest US$ 20 billion over the next 10 years in renewable energy generation and component manufacturing.

Correct Answer: (D) Adani

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