Which breed of dog is this?

For dogs, breeds are dogs that are specifically bred by people in specific situations, including Herding, Hunting or Patrolling. Breed specifications are the premise of breeding and the breed has certain criteria as well. These standards cover aspects of fitness and the form of its form. Another type that is used on dogs that have a breeding pattern is pure breed crossbreed, mixed breed or normal breed of dogs and sheep. In 1912 it became the International Animal Federation, which is incorporated in various countries around the world. It aims at globalisation of the breeding, promoting assays and evaluations from dogs that are purebred. This species of animals is a major carnivore a wide variety that occurs in many different geographical regions as well.

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Show HostRanveer Singh
Starting dateSeptember 2021

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Which breed of dog is this

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TBP Big Picture Quiz Answers Today 19 December 2021

Q. Which breed of dog is this?

A. Dachshund

B. Chihuahua

C. Greyhound

D. Maltese

Answer: Dachshund

Q. यह किस नस्ल का कुत्ता है?

A. डैकशुंड

B. चिहुआहुआ

C. ग्रेहाउंड

D. मॉलटीस

Answer: डैकशुंड

What is the answer to the The Big Picture Quiz Answer?

The Big Picture Quiz Answer is an app-only quiz competition from Voot App. By participating in The Big Picture Quiz Answer you will have a chance to win gems, vouchers, and More prizes.

When to play The Big Picture Quiz Answer?

The Big Picture Quiz Answer begins from 1st October 2021 To 1st November 2021, where all participants must participate.

When will the winner of the The Big Picture Quiz Answer be announced?

Voot App winners Voot App will announce its winners from The Big Picture Quiz Answer North competition on or before 20th November 2021.

How to find the The Big Picture Quiz Answer?

The Big Picture Quiz Answer arrives at a time when the Voot App seems to be amplifying its activity in the Funzone section of its app. To find this quiz, you will need to visit the Voot App and navigate to the Funzone section. Once you are there, scroll down to the “Games in focus” section and click on the banner image for Voot App. While these are time-consuming steps, you can skip the line and go directly to Voot App by clicking here.

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