Which animal is known as the ship of the Desert?

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Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Questions & Answers Get Free Jio (14 November 2021)

Which animal is known as the ship of the Desert?
My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers

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Q1) Which animal is known as the ship of the Desert?

Ans: Camel

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How do I find My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers?

The Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz joins other branded competitions in the Engage section of the MyGio app. To find this contest, you need to open your MyJio app and go to the Jio Engage section. Here, you need to scroll through the competition to find the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz or click on the Win Daily Geo Data banner under the prize for you! My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers

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My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers: terms and conditions

  • You must be a Reliance Jio user to participate in this contest.
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The Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz is one of those quiz competitions designed with collaboration in mind. In the case of the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz, we see a collaboration between Reliance Geo, Tang, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and Orio. With the festive season approaching, these brands have joined hands to run a quiz related to sweets.

The main idea of ​​this quiz is that Reliance Geo will show you a bunch of recipes in its Geo Engage section. Now there will be a picture quiz based on these recipes where you have to answer a question related to the picture shown. It is important to remember that the questions and answers shared above may be asked in a different order but they will remain the same. My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers

Although it’s not immediately clear, the Geo Desert Corner Picture Quiz seems to be a daily competition and there will be new questions every day. Winners will have the opportunity to win multiple prizes which we have detailed below. These contests and activities are primarily designed to inspire people to use the MyGeo app.

My Jio Lucky Draw Quiz Answers Prizes

  1. On participation: 100MB (7,20,000 winners)
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  3. Phase 3 winner: Reliance Retail vouchers worth Rs 5,000 (20 winners)

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