PUBG Battlegrounds 15.2 update released: Drones, tactical gear across maps and more - check Free-to-play details

Apart from making the announcement, Krafton also announced that it has started rolling out PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 15.2.

Krafton will also offer an optional one-time Battleground Plus account upgrade.

The Battle Royale also has a new update that has brought in new tactical gear, new tutorials, action queuing, etc.

PUBG Battlegrounds 15.2 Update: Release Date, New Tactical Gear, Tutorial Mode

PUBG: Battlegrounds goes free to play: The big changes explained

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play on PC and consoles. During The Game Awards, Krafton had already announced that the game will become free to play in January.

PUBG: Battleground has now changed to a free-to-play model and is now accessible to all PUBG players on PC and consoles; on January 12, Krafton officially announced through their website.

Krafton recently launched PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India solely for the ardent fans of PUBG residing in India after banning Chinese apps. Unfortunately, the free-to-play concept isn’t available in PUBG: Mobile.