The Steam Deck for Valve has now been announced as close to being launched as of late.

The SteamDB update is expected to start supplying units next week.

This list will not be definitive, but as far as we know most games should work on the Steam Deck. However, the confirmation should get better

it will obviously expand this list when it comes out locally. Steam Deck verification games have begun appearing.

While we’ve been eagerly waiting for the epic God of War: Ragnarok to make a debut, in the meantime, there are many things we need to board on before the entry of the legend Kratos.

The former head of PlayStation and the current head of PlayStation Indie, division Shuhei Yoshida, Tweeted a photo of God Of War running on Steam Deck.

buying options based on storage variants, $399 (Rs.29,697)for the 64GB version, $529(Rs.39,373) for the 256GB version and $649(Rs.48,305) for the 512GB version

when it comes to operating systems, it runs on Valve’s Linux, and there is a tool named Proton, which comes as an extension that allows users to play games that were put up for Windows.