The Big Picture Quiz Question Today 27 December – Har Roz Naya Sawaal

This quiz contest is different from Ghar Baithe Jeeto and Bano Lakhpati contest. The Big Picture Quiz is started on 18th October 2021 Colors TV’s quiz shows The Big Picture started season 1 (TBP 2021) with host Ranveer Singh. TBP Ghar Baithe Jeeto Quiz Answer 27 December 2021 – The Big Picture Quiz Show started on Colors TV & OTT platform Voot.

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The Big Picture Question Today – Quiz Show– All Questions and Answers – Har Roz Naya Sawaal. The Big Picture Colors TV Ranveer. TBP The Big Picture Quiz Answers Today 27 December 2021 Win Exciting Prizes ( Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Quiz ). Big Picture Quiz Show Registration Information — Ranveer Singh is going to host a new quiz show ‘The Big Picture’ on the Colors channel. After becoming a global phenomenon and being celebrated as the next generation quiz show, The Big Picture is a first of its kind property to showcase
Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh is ready to make his television debut. He is now the host of a show on Colors TV Channel and The show’s Check Big Picture Tenth Question Day 10 Answer below. The Colors TV Channel is starting a new Rewarding Show named “The Picture,

ShowThe Big Picture
ChannelColors TV, Jio TV, and Voot
ProducersBanijay Asia and ITV Studios Global Entertainment B.V.
Big Picture Launch Date 18th October 2021
TimeSaturday To Sunday 8:00 pm

The Big Picture Quiz Online Registration

  1. First, navigate to the official website.
  2. On the home page, you need to select the registration form.
  3. Enter all the required information.
  4. Further need to answer the questions.
  5. If you have made the right answer then have a chance to become a participant of the big picture show 2021.

The Big Picture Question 27 December 2021

Q26: Which god is usually depicted playing this instrument? (in English)

A. Devi SaraswatiB. Lord Krishna
C. Lord ShivaD. Lord Ganesha

Correct Answer: (B) Lord Krishna

Q26: आमतौर पर किस देवता को इस वाद्य यंत्र को बजाते हुए दर्शाया जाता है ? (in Hindi)

A. देवी सरस्वतीB. भगवान कृष्ण
C. भगवान शिवD. भगवान गणेश

Correct Answer: (B) भगवान कृष्ण

The Big Picture Question 26 December 2021

Q26: Which place is this? (in English)

A. RameswaramB. Kanyakumari
C. ColomboD. Puducherry

Correct Answer: (B) Kanyakumari

Q26: यह कौनसी जगह है? (in Hindi)

A. रामेश्वरमB. कन्याकुमारी
C. कोलंबोD. पुडुचेरी

Correct Answer: (B) कन्याकुमारी

The Big Picture Question 25 December 2021

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Q23: Decorating these idols is a custom associated with which festival? (in English)

A. Makar SankrantiB. Mahashivratri
C. LohriD. Gangaur

Correct Answer: (D) Gangaur

Q23: इन मूर्तियों को सजाने की प्रथा किस त्योहार से जुड़ी है? (in Hindi)

A. मकर संक्रांतिB. महाशिवरात्रि
C. लोहरीD. गणगौर

Correct Answer: (D) गणगौर

The Big Picture Question 24 December 2021

Q23: The superhero who wears this mask gets his powers from the bite of what animal? (in English)

A. BatB. Dragon
C. SpiderD. Dog

Correct Answer: (C) Spider

Q23: इस तरह के मास्क पहनने वाले सुपरहीरो को किस जानवर के काटने से शक्ति मिलती है? (in Hindi)

A. चमगादड़B. ड्रैगन
C. मकड़ीD. कुत्ता

Correct Answer: (C) मकड़ी

The Big Picture Question 23 December 2021

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Q23: These two animals are famously represented by which cartoon duo? (in English)

A. Timon and PumbaB. Tom and Jerry
C. Oswald and WeenieD. Mickey and Minnie

Correct Answer: (B) Tom and Jerry

Q23: इन दो जानवरों को किस कार्टून जोड़ी द्वारा प्रसिद्ध रूप से दर्शाया गया है? (in Hindi)

A. टिमोन और पुंबाB. टॉम एन्ड जैरी
C. ओसवाल्ड और वेनीD. मिकी और मिन्नी

Correct Answer: (B) टॉम एन्ड जैरी

The Big Picture Question 22 December 2021

Q22: What kind of doctor does this person most probably need? (in English)

A. CardiologistB. Gynaecologist
C. OrthopaedicD. Dentist

Correct Answer: (D) Dentist

Q22: इस व्यक्ति को किस प्रकार के चिकित्सक की आवश्यकता होने की सबसे अधिक संभावना है?

A. कार्डीआलॉजिस्टB.गाइनकालजिस्ट
C. ओर्थपेडीकD. डेन्टिस्ट

Correct Answer: (D) डेन्टिस्ट

The Big Picture Question 21 December 2021

In which country will you find this structure?

Q21: In which country will you find this structure? (in English)

A. JapanB. China
C. AustraliaD. USA

Correct Answer: (B)China

Q21: यह संरचना आपको किस देश में मिलेगी? (in Hindi)

A. जापानB. चीन
C. ऑस्ट्रेलियाD. अमेरीका

Correct Answer: (B) चीन

The Big Picture Question 20 December 2021

The Big Picture
The Big Picture

Q20: What is the length of this pitch? (in English)

A. 21 yards B. 22 yards
C. 23 yards D. 24 yards

Correct Answer: (B) 22 yards

Q20: इस पिच की लंबाई कितनी है? (in Hindi)

A. 21 गजB. 22 गज
C. 23 गजD. 24 गज

Correct Answer: (B) 22 गज

Note: You will have to submit your answer within 24 hours of asking the particular question in the episode.

What are big picture questions?

Big picture Registration – The tenth question will be on at 10:30. See the answers to Big Picture on page XIX of this quiz. Tests are available through and video shoots are offered on-site too. It follows in the footsteps of Bollywood star Singh Ranvir who is hosting it now. Each day a color panel will announce an issue related to this entry. The user needs identification and response as to how this image was chosen. We’ll answer all your questions Daywise. Click here for more information. The internet testing and the video shooting are shown on the site. Candidates may register for online tests.

How do you get selected for big picture?

Another reality show, called Big Picture Quiz, starts this Saturday on Colour TV. I’m looking for some games on YouTube if you’re interested. Reality TV like Kaun Banega Crorepati. The most interesting feature for us is the host, Indian superstar Ranveer Singh. BYJU will host a Learning App. During that time, you won’t have a chance to earn money unless you provide an accurate answer properly. Shows are accessible for viewers through color television channels. In its first episode, it starts with Salman khan Bigg Boss. Both Salaman will start the announcement of the Big Boss event.

How many questions are in the big picture?

Colors Television has announced this year the production of the television show The Big Picture Quiz. The Game Show follows in some manner. How many Karenbanega. Crorépati. This episode is sponsored by the AYJU Learning App. If you have not registered for the show on our website please go back if your search does not succeed. The show will tell you everything important about registration. Show judging start date of judging test results in the second year for each.

What does this signal mean the big picture?

Registration for Big Picture 10th Question was launched on Tuesday, June 29. 19 p.m. EST on Friday. Online tests are also offered. Ranvir Singh will present the television series. Color currently has just 1 question for registration for 14 Consecutive Days. They must determine pictures and ask the host questions. There’s one answer Day by Day to every question on this site. Take a look at Big picture Quest 14 Answers Below. See here if you want information regarding the video and web video testing. All registered participants in participation activities have been initiated.

What is big picture prize money?

Hosted by Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh, this new quiz show tests contestants’ knowledge and visual memory and gives them a chance to win Rs 5 crore. With its swanky set and a very new format, The Big Picture is entertaining but it also looks like it has been made to strictly cater to Ranveer’s fans.

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