PUBG: Battlegrounds 15.2 update, Free-to-Play

PUBG: Battlegrounds 15.2 Update, Free-To-Play. PUBG Battleground is now an open game that can be played by any PC and console user. Krafton announced its decision on the site on January 12th. Krafton has recently relaunched PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India for Indian fans who have no desire to play Chinese games. Unfortunately, the free play idea does not exist on PUBG Mobile. PUBG is a paid game platform that has reacted well to a huge change of direction. They won’t be left in a forest.

PUBG: Battlegrounds 15.2 Update, Free-To-Play

And in the new version of PUBG Battlegrounds 15.2 this update includes a number of elements that will enhance the Battle Royale gameplay. The game is now free to download for the PC and the Xbox360, with downloadable apps available to download from. Battlegrounds Plus offers players the option to upgrade their premium membership to unlock the latest and exclusive features in the game. The new players will start from their base account which offers most of game functionality and they may upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus for $12.99.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free to play on PC, consoles and mobile devices

PUBG: Battlegrounds 15.2 Update, Free-To-Play
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PUBG: Battleground has now changed to a free-to-play model and is now accessible to all PUBG players on PC and consoles; on January 12, Krafton officially announced through their website. Krafton recently launched PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India solely for the ardent fans of PUBG residing in India after banning Chinese apps. Unfortunately, the free-to-play concept isn’t available in PUBG: Mobile.

PUBG: Battlegrounds goes free to play: The big changes explained

Being a paid platform for several years, PUBG reacted to a massive turnaround; howbeit, the new model has nothing to do with gamers who purchased the premium version before the launch of the model. PUBG wouldn’t leave them in the wasteland.

PUBG hasn’t completed twirling the wheel as still, some paid options are available for players who are inclined to get extra support and buy some different items that can access paid opportunities in the arena. The premium upgrade would show additional benefits like extra G-Coin, a 100 percent boost for Survival Mastery XP, special in-game items.

PUBG: Battlegrounds now available for free on PC, consoles: Here’s how to get

Krafton has been pondering to bring the free-to-play model since December 9, when The Game Awards took place. They also announced some pivotal plans for the game studio and its masterpiece PUBG. The game surpassed 70 million copies since it was released in 2017, while Battlegrounds Mobile India outstripped the 50 million downloaders mark in the Google Play store. However, the game has gone through a lot of chaos over a year.

The Battle Royale also has a new update that has brought in new tactical gear, new tutorials, action queuing, etc.

According to Krafton, players who have bought PUBG: Battlegrounds have the advantage to get PUBG Special Commemorative pack which could get them to Battlegrounds Plus, where they can have a roister with exciting gifts and rewards; this doesn’t end here; PUBG also offers the gamers a Battle-Hardened costume skin set, Battle-Hardened Legacy nameplate, that comes with temporary and permanent skins collection. PUBG also rolled out an update version 15.2, bringing various new things to the Battleground.

Apart from making the announcement, Krafton also announced that it has started rolling out PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 15.2.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play on PC and consoles. During The Game Awards, Krafton had already announced that the game will become free to play in January. This means that the PC and console versions of the game now follow the footstep of PUBG: Mobile, PUBG: New State, and Battlegrounds Mobile India, which have always been free. On top of this, the PUBG: Battlegrounds also gets the v15.2 update that adds a bunch of new features such as Tactical Gear.

Of course, the transition to a free-to-play model comes with a notable change. The game will now offer an optional premium account upgrade called Battlegrounds Plus. This is a one-time upgrade fee of $12.99. It is not yet confirmed how much the upgrade will cost in India. By upgrading, players will get access to the following features.

  • Bonus 1,300 G-COIN
  • Survival Mastery XP + 100% boost
  • Career – Medal tab
  • Ranked Mode
  • Custom Match functionality

In-Game items, including the Captain’s Camo, set, which includes a hat, camo mask and camo loves those who already purchased the game shouldn’t fret. These players will receive the PUBG – Special Commemorative Pack. This will include an automatic account upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus, the Battle-Hardened costume skin set, the Shackle and Shanks Legacy Pan, and the Battle-Hardened Legacy nameplate.

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