My Telenor Questions Answers Today : 7 March 2022 Today My Telenor answers

My Telenor Questions Answers Today 7 March 2022. My Telenor quiz has become popular with many people today and many people benefit from answering the Telenor quiz. Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers March 07, 2022, In this post, I will give today you all the details about today’s Telenor Quiz. Today, Telenor quiz, I have to answer the My Telenor app. Test your skills today where you have to choose the right option and get free megabytes from the MY Telenor app.

In this post, I’ll show how my app answers today’s questions 100% correctly and can give me free megabytes, so you can answer Telenor today and win 7 days of free internet. Take the quiz today and you can win free internet via My App and you will get 100MB or 50MB of data. To answer quiz questions in the My Telenor app, you can quickly get free megabytes of the internet from Telenor.

My Telenor Questions Answers Today

Now Telenor is introducing a new service that provides users with free internet. Telenor is the most popular telecom company in telenor application Pakistan and offers its mobile internet packages at the most affordable rates. At the monuments you are given internet up to 100MB which is a special day for Pakistan and Telenor is also trying to make it special for Telenor customers.

How to Play Test Your Skills My Telenor

  1. Download My Telenor App from the Google Play store
  2. Click on the “Test your Skills button” on the right side of the Telenor App
  3. Then you will see 5 questions.
  4. Answer those 5 questions correctly to get 100/50 MBs

My Telenor Questions Answers Today 7 March 2022


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Q1) Who was the last Viceroy of the Subcontinent?
  • Grey
  • Curzon
  • Chelmsford
  • Mountbatten

Answer: Mountbatten

Question 2: For how many years has Karachi remained the capital of Pakistan?

  • 20
  • 12
  • 30
  • 50

Answer: 12

Question 3: Who was the last British emperor of the Subcontinent?

  • George VI
  • Edward II
  • Henry VI
  • Richard II

Answer: George VI

Question 4: Pakistan Resolution was presented in __ session of All India Muslim League.

  • 10th
  • 27th
  • 15th
  • 5th

Answer: 27th

Question 5: When was the name of Pakistan first proposed?

  • 1940
  • 1857
  • 1890
  • 1933

Answer: 1933

My Telenor Questions Answers Today 6 March 2022

Q1) Who carried the expenses of the Lahore Resolution?

A) Aga KhanB) A. K. F. Haq
C) U. H. KhanD) S. A. Khan

Correct Answer: (B) A. K. F. Haq

Q2) When did Quaid-e-Azam join Muslim League?

A) 1920B) 1900
C) 1940D) 1913

Correct Answer: (D) 1913

Q3) Do you know the approximate height of Minar-e-Pakistan?

A) 60 mB) 70 m
C) 30 mD) 40 m

Correct Answer: (B) 70 m

Q4) What are the graduates of Aligarh University called?

A) AligsB) Garhis
C) GarhiansD) Al

Correct Answer: (A) Aligns

Q5) What was the Islamic date on 23rd March 1940?

A) 3 RamzanB) 13 Safar
C) 5 ZilhajD) 12 Shawal

Correct Answer: (B) 13 Safar

My Telenor App Today Question

My Telenor Questions Answers Today

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Its Telenor my apps offer various services and features that only Telenor customers in Pakistan can access, such as mobile phone usage information, purchasing prepaid packages or downloading games for use with the Telenor my app. The My Telenor app allows its users to activate my Telenor offer discounts from my Telenor app with a single click, as well as receive social packages for WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok.

You can also enjoy other cool features like watching live TV on my Telenor and making new friends on my Telenor social network. My App is a Telecom application created for Telenor user using free internet, showing all status packages, free calls, free calls, etc.

My Telenor Questions Answers Today

If you already have the app, you can contribute to the Telenor App Quiz answer section to receive daily data. Of course, you will get all the correct answers and if so, you will get a free Telenor MB. You must answer correctly to receive 100MB or 50MB of free data with this offer.

You must answer five different questions correctly in order to receive free Telenor megabytes. Telenor has announced a new feature where you have to answer five questions a day, which gives you 50 MB of free data. By giving Telenor answers to the quiz today, you will improve your knowledge and at the same time get access to the Internet with a few free megabytes.

My Telenor Questions Answers Today

My Quiz Today Answer all questions correctly to win Telenor 50 MB per day 1500 MB per month and enter Telenor’s lucky draw. Congratulations, you successfully won today’s Telenor daily quiz. Answer all the questions correctly and you can easily win today’s free Telenor prize.

You can easily find the answers to the My Telenor app test in this post today quizand we will give you 100% correct answers to all questions so you can get some data for a small amount of use. We know that if you give a wrong answer to a question, you will not be able to win free data in the Telenor quiz. If you answer all the questions, you can get 100 or 50 MB of free traffic by testing your skills quiz app with My Telenor.

Today’s Telenor app quiz. FAQ To win megabytes of free Telenor data, you have to be 100% right. Telenor Test Your Skills is a free online quiz hosted by Telenor Pakistan. You must click on the “Telenor test your skills today answers” button.

Telenor Answer Today app Telenor tests your skills The Telenor app has a new feature that requires you to ask five questions every day in exchange for five free internet questions. The service is getting more popular and now many people go to Google to get it and see the answers to their questions. Today Telenor Answer will give you up to 100 MB of free internet every day if you answer these questions correctly and win. People have one hour to answer 5 random questions they can receive during that time to get a free mobile internet package from Telenors.

Telenor will update our website with new answers and questions. Here we update our websitedaily answers and provide you with valid and correct answers to today’s Telenor questions, the answers mentioned for you in the My Telenor app, which we use every day and get free MBS. Today Telenor offers 50 MB of Telenor per day and 1500 MB of Telenor per month for all correct answers.

The Telenor Quiz is a competition that Telenor users can enter to win great prizes. To take part in the quiz, users must download the Telenor quiz app from Google Play or the App Store. The Telenor quiz will be open for registration from November 26th to December 10th and the winners will be announced on December 12th.

You can now check out today’s Telenor response of November 3, 2021. Quickly check the answers to all questions and get free Telenor megabytes. Hi seekers, if you visit this site regularly and look for answers from Today Telenor March 07, 2022, you can get them on this site. Friends, I hope you enjoyed this blog “Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers, January 23, 2022”. If you liked my blog, please share it with your friends and on your social media account, let people know.

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