Kucoin Conflux Quiz Answers: Earn 100 CFX worth $18

Kucoin Conflux Quiz Answers: Kucoin CFX Quiz Answers Participate in Kucoin learn and earn conflux network & ecosystem Kucoin quiz and get a chance to win 100 CFX tokens worth $18 for free.

It’s time to check your Kucoin CFX Quiz Answers (Q1-Q8) which we had provided you with to earn 100 CFX worth $18. Kucoin CFX is a crypto-rewards exchange platform that is supported by the Kucoin crypto exchange.

Kucoin Conflux Quiz Answers

Kucoin Conflux just ended, and the winners have been announced. I have created a quiz to test the users’ knowledge of Kucoin Conflux Quiz Answers.

Kucoin Conflux Quiz Answers


Q1) What is our Consensus Model?

Answer: Hybrid PoW + PoS

Q2) Which of the following description is NOT true for Conflux eSpace?

Answer: Token standard for Conflux eSpace is ERC

Q3) Conflux Network’s PoS staking _ .

Answer: is only open for selected members to run a PoS node

Q4) How many Conflux Network’s pre-mine CFX are left as ecosystem incentives?

Answer: 2.4B

Q5) Which dApp supports the cross-chain of USDT from other chains to Conflux eSpace?

Answer: All of above

Q6) Which dApp supports the cross-chain of CFX from Conflux Core space to Conflux eSpace?

Answer: Cross Space

Q7) Which CIP introduces Conflux eSpace?

Answer: CIP-90

Q8) What could potentially threaten Conflux Network security in terms of the PoS side chain?

Answer: A group with more than 67% of the Stake

How to Play Kucoin CFX Quiz Answers

1) Tap on the link is given below and signup/log in to your Kucoin account. Click Here

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory to get rewards.

3) Now visit here and register yourself for the Kucoin trade & learn campaign.

4) After registration, take the Quiz Here and submit your Kucoin UID & answers.

5) Now add the CFX/USDT trading pairs to your favorites list.

6) 600 lucky users will be randomly selected to receive 100 CFX each worth $18.

7) Activity period: 18th April 2022, 10:00:00 to 25th April 2022 10:00:00 (UTC).

Kucoin is an exchange that has a rewards program that gives out free coins as rewards for holding. There is also a quiz where you get more rewards for completing the quiz. But for some people, the quiz is just too tricky and it takes hours to complete. These are the answers to the quiz.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on Kucoin. If you don’t have then create one from the below given registration link and complete your KYC verification.

During the campaign period, users who complete the tasks of answering all the quiz questions correctly and adding the CFX/USDT trading pairs to their favorites list will be eligible.

KuCoin will randomly choose 600 lucky users from the above-qualified users and each will receive 100 CFX tokens worth approximately 18 USDT.

In this post, you will generally find the Kucoin learn and earn conflux network quiz answers. Activity period: 18th April 2022, 10:00:00 to 25th April 2022 10:00:00 (UTC).

Kucoin is a new Cryptocurrency Exchange that has been getting a lot of attention in the Crypto Community. This Exchange is a little different from the others because it offers incentives for trading. Kucoin has a system that rewards users for trading and holding KCS, the Kucoin Cryptocurrency Token.

Kucoin, the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange recently launched their referral program, called the Kucoin Bonus Program, which allows users to earn referral fees by inviting new users to use their exchange. Users who invite new users to sign up for Kucoin will receive 20% of the trading fees these newly invited users generate for a lifetime.

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