KBC offline quiz answers today Hindi 17 December 2021

KBC offline quiz answers today Hindi 17 December 2021. Kaun Banega Crorepati: A Thai TV series adapted from Hindi. Is there a Bollywood movie on how you can make billions through business? Franchises. The series was produced by Amitabh Bachchan since its beginning but only a third season was presented by Shah Rukh Khan & Co. Since 2010, the series has aired on Sony entertainment television and was produced for the first season in Season 1 through Season 2010. Since season 8 2013 the highest prizes have reached seven billion Krones for this season.

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How To Play KBC Offline Quiz? | KBC Offline Quiz कैसे खेलें? 

Here are some easy steps to play KBC Offline Quiz, by following this you can take part in KBC Offline Quiz.

  • First download the Sony Live app from the Play Store. This app is also available in the App Store for iPhone.
  • After installing the Sony Live app, open it.
  • After opening, select your gender, and enter your date of birth and then proceed.
  • Next, sign up with your mobile number or your Google Account or Social Account.
  • After that Sony Live homepage will come in front of you, if you scroll down a little you will see the play along section.
  • Then again you need to sign up for KBC Play Along.
  • There are two options for playing your quiz, KBC Play Along Gold or KBC Play Along Regular. You can participate in KBC Play Along Gold only if you have a Sony Live subscription, which is more likely to win a prize. Otherwise click on Play Along Regular.
  • Then select the language and click on the 24 * 7 quiz.
  • Here is the answer to KBC Offline Quiz today 19th October 2021.

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Details

Quiz NameKBC Offline Quiz Answers Today KBC 24×7 Quiz Answers Today
Quiz Start Time10:00 AM (Mon-Fri)
Winner PrizeRs. 1,00,000
Quiz Duration30 Seconds Per Questions

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KBC offline quiz answers today Hindi 17 December 2021

KBC offline quiz answers today Hindi 17 December 2021

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Q1) The cabin in which pilots of a plane sit is called as?

Answer: Cockpit

Q2) What is ‘Ghee’?

Answer: A type of clarified butter

Q3) India’s biggest Kidney Dialysis Hospital has been inaugurated at which place in Delhi?

Answer: Balasahib Gurudwara

Q4) In which city is the headquarters of the International Ice Hockey Federation based?

Answer: Zurich, Switzerland

Q5) Which probe of NASA orbiting Jupiter has found that the planet’s Great Red Spot is deeper than scientists had previously thought?

Answer: Juno

Q6) In which type of economy, all productive resources are owned and controlled by the government?

Answer: Socialist

Q7) Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Katha Kaho Urvashi’?

Answer: Dalip Kaur Tiwana

Q8) Which one is the unique weapon of Lord Shri Krishna?

Answer: Sudarshana Chakra

Q9) What is a dish that has rice and coconut as the main ingredients?

Answer: Coconut Rice

Q10) Among the following, which food contains Vitamin D?

Answer: All of the above

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