Earnathon Puppy Planet Quiz Answers: FREE Crypto Earn 5 $PUP!

Earnathon Puppy Planet Quiz Answers: FREE Crypto Earn 5 $PUP!

Puppy Planet is a digital pet metaverse platform that creates an entire ecosystem around the puppy NFT. Players can use their puppies to fight, mine and incubate new pets.

f you’ve ever have completed coinbase quiz answers or coinmarketcap quiz answers, you will understand earnathon learn and earn very easily. All you have to do is answer a few quick multiple choice questions which i provide all of the answers to, and when the quiz is over you get free crypto!

There have been verified reports on reddit of Earnathon quizzes paying out so you just have to answer the multiple choice questions as shown in this video and then wait for the quiz campaign to end. This quiz is for Puppy Planet cryptocurrency token or PUP token.

Earnathon Puppy Planet Quiz Answers

Earnathon Puppy Planet Quiz Answers

  • Answer: British
  • Answer: Water, Wood, Earth, Gold, fire
  • Answer: 100 energy points
  • Answer: Abeychain

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Q1: Puppy Planet was developed by a country based in?

Answer: British

Q2: The following are the 5 elements of the puppies

Answer: Water, Wood, Earth, Gold, fire

Q3: At every hour, how many energy points will the puppy recover?

Answer: 100 energy points

Q4: Puppy planet contracts run on which blockchain?

Answer: Abeychain

There are over 6,500 cryptocurrencies and tokens on the market in 2020, with more being created almost every day. An entire ecosystem integrates digital games and collectibles, thus creating a rich environment for both crypto and non-crypto natives to explore the metaverse and generate income.

Through collaboration, members of the global community will be able to learn about the Puppy Planet metaverse and the game, as well as how they can earn money while playing. The drive is what Earnathon and Puppy Planet have come together to create in the metaverse ecosystem.

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