18 February Amazon Quiz Answers

After submitting all of today’s answers to today’s Amazon Quiz Contest, you will be selected to participate in Amazon’s Lucky Draw Quiz. Simply search for “Quiz” or “FunZone” on the Amazon app, select “Daily Quiz” and submit your answers. To win or take part in the draw, you must correctly answer all questions of the quiz 2022 contest.

Once you answer all the questions correctly, your name will be entered into the pool. Subsequently, if you answer 5 difficult general questions correctly, you will be eligible for a lucky draw, which will be held among the participants who answered that particular question correctly. Usually, in the case of a physical prize, 1 quiz winner is selected by a lucky draw.

18 February Amazon Quiz Answers

  • Answer 1: Russia
  • Answer 2: Allyship
  • Answer 3: Nationalism
  • Answer 4: Xerxes Desai
  • Answer 5: Surgery

Amazon Daily Quiz today: questions and answers for February 18th, 2022

18 February Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1: The Davis Cup 2021 was won by which country

Answer: Russia

Q2: Which word was named Dictionary.com’s word of the year 2021?

Answer: Allyship

Q3: Authored by Dinyar Patel, complete the title of this book: “Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian _”.

Answer: Nationalism

Q4: Who is the founder of this company, that started out as a watch brand in 1984?

Answer: Xerxes Desai

Q5: Physician Johann Freiherr von Mikulicz-Radecki created primitive versions of these for what in 1897?

Answer: Surgery

Amazon Quiz February 18th, 2020 Answers Are Available Today. Play Amazon Daily Questions 18 February 2022. Win wonderful presents. Please send me the correct Amazon questions for the 2018 quiz in the Amazon Apps fun zone. The winner will be selected via the Amazon lottery on 18th February 2020. Amazon Spins & Win Contest Winner announced February 19th. The latest update of Amazon’s quiz questions for India is now available on Amazon. For a quick view, govijobs.ca provides a weekly Amazon quiz. Search Google for Amazon Quiz Govijobs.A lottery will be held during the “Competition Period”) for all questions in the quiz, and the total number of participants varies, and the winner will be selected as a result of the lottery. For special quizzes and Spin & Win contests, the winners will only be announced at the end of the quizzes. For each Amazon Spin & Win Contest, the date of announcement of the winners can be found in the Terms and Conditions section. Winners will also receive Informational SMS and Mail from Amazon regarding prizes.

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What is Amazon Funzone?

Amazon says that participation in the Amazon quiz for the February edition is considered consent to be included in the mailing list for promotions. Your name, image, likeness, voice and/or appearance, photos, videos and the like taken in connection with the contest or any promotions may be used by Amazon today answers with your consent.

The winner’s name will be announced at the end of the February edition of the Amazon Quiz and will be posted on this website. You can click here to see the names of the winners of this and other Amazon quizzes. You will get answers to all current Amazon quizzes on this site. legal residents

What is Amazon Daily Quiz?

Get ready for some quick questions as Amazon is back with another quiz. The Amazon Daily Quiz contains 5 general questions related to current events, certain personalities, random days like Mother’s Day, etc.

Amazon hosts a daily Amazon quiz where you can answer five questions correctly and win fun gifts and Amazon Pay balances. Since Amazon quizzes are free, the time required to submit correct answers is minimal, and you stand a chance of winning a Sony speaker on each quiz.

Amazon Daily Quiz Prizes

Submit your answers to the Amazon Quiz and win an Amazon Pay balance of Rs 10,000 for lucky Amazon Daily Quiz participants today. By participating in the Amazon Daily Quiz Answers on February 18, 2022, you will have a chance to win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance. Take the Amazon app quiz today for a chance to win a fantastic prize. We’ll bring you the list of winners here, so sign up to get answers straight to your inbox today winners list.

Steps to play Amazon Daily Quiz contest

You will receive winner announcements in the quiz winners section of the Amazon app, where a list of quiz winners for all past quizzes is available. Select the quiz you participated in and check your name in the list of winners. To claim your prize in the quiz, click Claim Your Prize. You will be redirected to the quiz page where you need to submit and correct your answer and wait for the lucky ones to be announced. We will provide you with a direct link to a new quiz or game with all correct answers lucky winner.

Find a quiz or feature by typing quiz or feature in the search bar, then login to Funzone where you can see all the quizzes running on Amazon quiz questions answers today. exciting prizes

How to participate in Amazon Daily Quiz contest

People who want to take part in the Amazon Spin And Win quiz must first download the Amazon app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The entire Amazon quiz is now accessible from the mobile website and can be taken by participants who are logged in with their Amazon account via a mobile browser.

The Amazon February Edition quiz joins other Amazon quizzes on Amazon, such as the Amazon Ariel Quiz, Amazon Baidyanath Quiz, Amazon Emerging Brands Day Quiz, Amazon Brand Coupon Quiz, Amazon Credit Card Quiz, Amazon Completion Quiz, and more. Amazon quiz prizes range from free items (including cell phones and other goodies) to paying balances on Amazon India. In the Amazon Daily Quiz, the total value of all prizes does not exceed Rs 50,000 by default. 2022 answers

You must choose the correct answers from the options provided and win top quality products for free or win Amazon Pay up to Rs 50,000. Now you will see five questions in the Amazon daily quiz, you must answer all questions correctly to win the payment balance of Rs 40,000. The Amazon Daily Quiz Answers dated February 18, 2022 will include all five questions with 4 choices, of which you must click on the correct answer; however, a wrong answer may exclude you from the prize pool winners announce.

Has anyone won the Amazon Daily Quiz?

In the answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz on February 18, 2022, we will mainly be asking multiple-choice questions related to general knowledge questions, current events, riddles, puzzles, drawing, and math. The draw for the winners of the Amazon Daily Quiz Contest on February 18, 2022 will be announced at the end of the contest period. Once these answers are submitted, winners will be selected in a lucky Amazon quiz draw on February 18, 2021. By participating in the Amazon Daily Quiz for the contest on February 18, 2022, you will not be eligible to receive any benefits and/or prizes awarded. in any other promotion/competition unless you enter each promotion/competition separately.

There will be a total of one winner in the Amazon Quiz for the February edition, who will receive the prize for this quiz no later than March 11, 2022. Winners can post them on the Amazon quiz page by posting their awards on Amazon with the hashtag “#WinOnAmazon”. It’s easy to find information about people who have won Amazon contest prizes; check out Quora or YouTube. Amazon quizzes focus on the minutiae of a product and offer customers the opportunity to win great prizes. 2021 answers

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